Hive-mining install, Ubuntu

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There is no option set up The LCC Master-node, but you can set up LCC Hive-Mining and automate it. In Ubuntu server download and unpack the latest LCC wallet version here by this command:

Hive launch:

The Hive will be synchronising few hours. During this time, it will be use full CPU power, but after this, it will be about 1-2%. Logs timezone is UTC0. When it finished synchronize, will be created ~/.litecoincash hiden folder, where you should create litecoincash.conf with lines below:

Now you can set up Hive’s auto launch by cron, or service

Auto launch by cron

1. Enter the following command: crontab -e
2. put this line:

Auto launch by service

1. Create new file:

2. Put this lines and save it:

Set up autolaunch:


Reboot and be sure it launched (top)

Main commands in Hive

Request new address of LCC wallet:

(Or you could create it by Windows version and replace wallet.dat in this path: ~/.litecoincash/wallets/wallet.dat)
Find out addresses in the LCC wallet:

Check is this address your property (should be True):

Check the balance:

Send 9,8LCC to other wallet:

(You will get a hash, that you can put in this link after «?» and check it in browser

Bees creating

Before bees creating you should check Global Index(GI) value. You can check it in Windows client, discord channel,
ask your mom, or calculate it by yourself (the script is below)

GI Formula

Bash-script that calculates GI

1. Create «getgi» file: nano getgi
2. Put the lines below in, and save it (check your path):

3. Make this file executable: chmod +x getgi
Now for GI calculating you could just run this file: ./getgi


If GI<100 (95 or lower), it’s good time to create bees, for mining.

Create 5 bees:

Your Hive info:

So, now you can automate GI checking and bees creating, considering GI’s value and LCC amount on your balance. I think it will be almost like Master-node.

More info about rpc commands here (like bitcoin’s)
More info about Hive-rpc here

The Guide was created by Dabangg, with O.Baudenay and knighthash support.